Istanbul Taxi Price: Know the Cost of Your Journey

Understanding Istanbul Taxi Pricing

When navigating the bustling streets of Istanbul, it’s essential to be aware of taxi pricing to plan your journey effectively. Istanbul’s taxi fares are regulated, ensuring transparency and fairness for passengers.

Factors Influencing Taxi Prices

1. Base Fare

The initial fee charged at the beginning of your journey, inclusive of a certain distance. This fee covers the basic costs associated with the taxi service.

2. Distance Traveled

The main factor influencing the fare is the distance covered during your ride. Istanbul taxis charge per kilometer, and the fare increases as the distance traveled extends.

3. Waiting Time

If the taxi is stationary due to traffic or at your request, a waiting fee may be applied. This fee compensates the driver for the time spent waiting.

4. Additional Fees

Some rides may include additional fees, such as tolls or charges for luggage. It’s advisable to clarify these details with the driver before starting your journey.

Plan Your Journey with Milli Taxi

To ensure transparency and reliability in taxi pricing, consider using the Milli Taxi app. Download the app using the buttons below and access real-time fare estimates for your Istanbul travels.

Experience Transparent and

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