Last updated on: 01/19/2024 Welcome to the National TAX (hereinafter referred to as the Service)! Ensuring the confidentiality of your personal data is an important principle of our work. This policy explains how we process your personal data, what data we collect, for what purposes we use and share them, your rights and preferences regarding your data. This Privacy Policy applies to our services when using the Application, no matter where it is provided. We are committed to complying with local laws in relation to all processes described in the policy. In the event of a conflict between this policy and local laws, we will comply with local laws to the extent that such Deciency exists. This policy, https://milli .it applies to all users of the Service, including users of the website at taxi/ (the “Site”), any mobile application of the Service (the “Application”) and all services that we provide through the Service. When you contact us through the Site or Applications (collectively, the “Services”) by phone, email, correspondence, social networks, in person or through other means of communication. This policy does not apply to the processing of the data of our employees and employees, corporate partners, contractors and subcontractors. By downloading and installing the application or using the services of the Site, you unconditionally agree to the processing of your data as described in this policy. If you do not agree with this Policy, you must immediately stop using any form of the Application and the Site. The personal data collected and processed by us are used only for the purposes for which the Users have given their consent. Basic terms and definitions The following terms are used in this Privacy Policy unless otherwise stated in the text: 1. “Mili TAX” – TAXIM TURKEYE-TICARET SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED ŞIRKETI, TAX ID NO: 020882, place address: KONUTSEVERE MAH. 811SK. ACAR APT ACAR APT NO: 6 INNER DOOR NO: 6 MURATPAŞA. 2. “Application” – a software package for automating the “National TAX” taxi service, as well as an application for drivers, passengers, the entire set of related products, including a number of auxiliary services developed on the basis of the software package IP Kazantsev M.A., Belonging to OGRNIP 317183200003770 “ ” application for automation of taxi service, TAXIM TURKEYE-TICARET SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED ŞIRKETI, TAX ID NO: 020882, location address: KONU KSEVER MAH. 811SK. ACAR APT ACAR APT NO: 6 INNER DOOR NO: 6 MURATPAŞA. and IP Kazantsev M.A. 3. “Personal data” – any information provided by the User using the Application, directly or indirectly related to the User and/or third parties. 4. ”User / User of the Application” – Any natural or legal person or individual entrepreneur who uses the Application to any extent and with whom the Company has concluded a Contract. People who transport users are called ”Drivers”. The person who gives the travel order is called a ”Passenger”. 5. “Contract” – any contract and/or agreement concluded with the User, including a license agreement, the information of which is available in the Application. 6. All other terms and definitions contained in the text of the Privacy Policy are interpreted in accordance with the text of the Policy, the Contract and the legislation of the Russian Federation. 7. The names of the titles (articles) of the Privacy Policy are given only for the convenience of using the text of the Privacy Policy and do not really have a legal meaning. What data do we collect? We collect data about you in three categories: data that you provide to us; data that we collect automatically; and data that we collect from other sources. We do not collect or process information about your race or national origin, political views or political party affiliation, religious or philosophical views, trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data, or data related to your sexuality. The data you provide Registration and profile data such as your name, phone number, e-mail address, country, city, profile photo. For emergency communications where permitted or required by law https://ca2 We can collect phone numbers using the 8089 help tool. We may collect emergency phone numbers when permitted or required by law. User Content that you choose to upload while using the App and the Site, such as comments, ratings, and reviews from Other Users. Information in communications from you, which may include chat messages, e-mails and phone call records that we receive from you. The data we collect automatically Location information. We collect users’ location data for travel purposes, user support, security and fraud prevention purposes, and to comply with legal requirements. We collect location data (including GPS coordinates and Wi-Fi data) according to your application settings and device permissions. While the application is active (The Application is open and displayed) and the Application is running in the background (The Application is open but not displayed), we collect the exact location data of your device from the moment you request a car call to the end of your trip. travel. . Users can use the App by entering the address or coordinates of the start and end points of their trip directly into the App, without allowing it to collect precise location data from their Mobile device. This may affect the operation of the Application. Transaction Information. The type of Service requested or provided, order details, payment details, date of Service and time, payment amount, destination, route, and distance, and payment method, including about your transactions, we collect data regarding the use of the services. Information about the use of the Services. We collect data about your use of the Services, including the date and time of use of the Application, the features of the Application or the pages viewed, errors in the operation of the Application or the Site, and other aspects of the use. We may also collect and use data related to third-party sites that you visit before using our Services or the services that you use for marketing purposes. Information about messages and calls. We provide users with the opportunity to communicate with each other and with us through the Application. In order to provide this service, we receive information about the time, date and content of messages and calls. We may also use this data for user support, security, Decrypting disputes between users, improving the quality of our Services, and analytical purposes (for example, to evaluate and improve the performance of the Site). Device information. We collect information about the device you use to receive the Services, such as the name, brand and model of your device, user agent, IP address, mobile operator, network type, time zone settings, language settings, advertising identifiers, browser type, operating system. and the version, display settings, battery charge level, and installed applications that can be used for authentication purposes. We can also collect mobile sensor data such as speed, direction, altitude, acceleration, deceleration and other technical data. Cookies, analytics and third-party technologies. We collect data through the use of cookies, pixels, tags and similar technologies (“cookies”). Cookies are small text files that web servers place on your device. It automatically collects information, measures and analyzes your site and application usage, and determines the web pages and ads you are browsing. The information we obtain through Cookies helps us to improve your user experience on the Service (for example, by storing your preferences) and our marketing programs. Our contractors and business partners may use this information to display ads on your devices according to your personal preferences and characteristics. You can delete cookies through the settings of your web browser and manage your cookie preferences. However, some cookies cannot be disabled because they are connected to them for the proper functioning of our Site. Data we receive from other sources Government bodies. During legal proceedings and in other cases provided for by law, we may obtain information about Users from law enforcement agencies and other government agencies as part of a request received from them. Other Users or Third Parties. Sometimes Users or others may provide us with information about you through customer support or in connection with claims or disputes. We store and use such information only if we can legally obtain it from you. We will also take reasonable steps, which are reasonable under the circumstances, to inform you that we have received such information. How do we use your data? We use personal information about your location using a helpful tool – https://geo This tool allows you to find the addresses you want in Decoy mode at your request and calculate the distance between departure and destination(s). This tool allows you to calculate the distance between departure and destination(s). The service does not save your data and does not collect statistics. 1. To provide the opportunity to use the application and the Site – create and maintain your account, settings and preferences; – provision of the ability to provide transportation or other services (depending on the circumstances); – calculation of prices and making payments; – Providing the possibility of exchanging messages between users Dec.; – User support; – Sending non-marketing messages about the services; – To ensure the usability, security and stability of our application and Sites, to diagnose, prevent and solve technical and maintenance problems; – Compliance with legal requirements related to the Services and how you use them. 2. To ensure the security of use of the Application, the Site and Users: – to prevent, detect and suppress fraud, unsafe or illegal activities, violations of our policies and regulations; – User verification; – Protection of the personal data, rights and legitimate interests of the Service and our Users. 3. To improve and improve existing features and products: – Conducting testing, research, analysis, development and machine learning to improve your user experience related to the service; – To collect feedback about users’ interaction with the Service; – development of new products, features and services. 4. To promote the service and our services: – send push notifications in the app; – organizing contests, events and other promotions. You can disable push notifications from your device settings. (see Disabling push notifications). 4. To comply with legal requirements. We may use your personal information to comply with applicable laws, regulations, licensing requirements and industry standards, in connection with legal proceedings, to respond to requests from law enforcement authorities and in other ways required by law. 5. Automatic decision-making. We use personal data for automated decision-making purposes in the context of your use of the Services for the following purposes: – Establishing communication between Users (Drivers and Passengers) (or other types of Users, depending on the context) based on factors such as availability and proximity Dec; – Determining user ratings and disabling users with low ratings; – detection of Users who are engaged in fraudulent, unsafe or harmful activities; If required by law, such data processing-based transactions will be carried out only after the person has made a decision and/or has been given the opportunity to appeal the decision. How do we share your data? We understand how important it is to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. In this section, we explain in which cases and to whom we will transfer the data we receive. For other users Certain User information is required in order for you to book and complete a trip. Especially: – The User information provided to the driver includes name and photo, rating, start and end addresses of the trip, number of trips, offered price Decrees and contact information. For contractors We may share your personal data with our contractors in connection with commercial purposes, in particular for the following purposes: – processing of payments and execution of transactions; – user and technical support; – cloud storage (https://ca2 8089); – transferring content, exchanging messages within the application, making calls within the application, push notifications Dec; – fight against fraud; – advertising, marketing and analysis. In relation to the transfer of the business We may transfer the collected information in connection with a significant corporate transaction, including the restructuring, merger, consolidation or sale of assets, of which personal information is part of the transferred assets. We will make every effort to ensure that any recipient of your data processes such data in accordance with this policy. For legal reasons We may disclose your personal data when necessary for the following purposes: – compliance with the law, including responding to subpoenas, court orders, requests or allegations from the law enforcement agency or other government agencies; – To protect the rights, interests and security of the Service, our Users or the public; – Compliance with the requirements stipulated in the applicable laws and other regulations, as well as licenses and permits. with your permission We may share your personal data for other purposes in accordance with your permission or in accordance with your instructions. After anonymization After we have collected and anonymized your data, we may transfer it so that this data can no longer be associated with you, that is, it ceases to be personal. Your rights and choices Access and change your data. You have the right to access, review and change your account information and other information that you provide to us. You can do this from your account settings or by contacting the support team: . To provide location information. Your device gives you control over what information we collect or how we may use this information. For example, you can prevent your device from sharing your location information from your device settings. However, this may affect the functionality of the Application. Disable push notifications. You can disable push notifications in your device settings. Disabling push notifications may affect your use of the Services (for example, you may not receive a notification that your Driver has arrived for your order). Cookie management. You can delete cookies on your browser and change the cookie settings. You may need to set each browser and device to receive cookies individually. If you choose to delete or reject Cookies, we may not be able to provide you with all the Services you have requested. Your account and data are being deleted. You can delete your account from the Application settings or contact the support service to delete your account or data: . We may ask you to verify account ownership and complete authentication. In some cases, we may not be able to delete your account, and we may store certain information for legitimate business purposes, such as completing a transaction in which we collected personal information, collecting a debt, identifying cybersecurity threats, troubleshooting problems, or correcting deficiencies. Our Services that guarantee another User’s right to freedom of expression or other rights are used only for internal needs, to prevent fraud, to comply with legal or other regulatory requirements and to handle requests in connection with the Services, in accordance with the context in which personal data is provided. In these cases, we store the data in a way that prevents it from being used for other purposes. Forwarding questions or complaints. We will be happy to answer your questions about this policy or how we process your data. In addition, we are ready to evaluate any complaints regarding our processing of your personal data. To Us you can reach from the address. After proper verification, we will respond to your request in accordance with applicable laws. How do we store your data? We store your data for the period necessary to provide the Services and achieve the other purposes set out in this policy. The storage periods vary depending on the type of data and the purpose of using the data. When we process your data to provide the service, we store the data until your account is deleted. After the account has been deleted, we may store User data in accordance with legal or other regulatory requirements or for the reasons set out in this policy, including the paragraph “Deletion of Accounts and Data”. For example, we will store your data in case there is an paid balance in your account. We also store the data for the purpose of responding to any complaints about the Services. How we protect your data In order to protect your data from loss, theft, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, modification and destruction, we take reasonable and appropriate technical, organizational and physical security measures appropriate to the nature of the personal data. We use industry-standard technologies and practices to ensure the security of user data and prevent unauthorized use. Especially: – Regularly updating the technical platforms on which the services are provided; – we store user passwords in encrypted form; – we regularly check for the presence of malicious codes; – we use modern methods to encrypt the transmitted data via the HTTPS protocol; – the other one. We regularly review our security measures to take into account new technologies and methods. But there is no guaranteed security both on the Internet and beyond. We cannot guarantee the security of your data, including guaranteed protection against unauthorized access or actions of third parties. However, we take commercially reasonable measures to ensure that the security of your information complies with this policy and all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. We recommend that you change your login password from time to time. General information Child protection. Our services are aimed at adults, not children. To the best of our knowledge, if personal information is provided to us by a person under the age of 18, we will take reasonable steps to prevent further use or disclosure of such information and delete such information. If you believe that a minor has provided us with personal data, please contact us: . Collection of data by third parties We are not responsible for the personal data practices of third parties. We do not control third parties themselves or how they collect, use or disclose your information. This policy does not apply to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by third parties. If you have any questions about the personal information practices of third parties, please contact the relevant third party directly. Changes We may change this policy to reflect changes in the law or the way we provide services. If we make changes to the Privacy Policy, we will notify you of such changes by updating the “Last Updated Date” at the top of this page, as required by applicable law, to publish the new Privacy Policy and provide you with a notification. We recommend that you review this page periodically in order to be informed about our practices regarding personal information. By using the Service (including the Application and/or the Site), you agree to be bound by the terms of this policy that were in effect at the time. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy (including if you do not agree with the updated Privacy Policy), you must stop using the Service (including the App and the Site). Contact details TAX ID NUMBER for users of TAXIM TURKEYE-TICARET SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED ŞIRKETI: 020882, location address: KONUTSEVERE MAH. 811SK. ACAR APT ACAR APT NO: 6 INNER DOOR NO: 6 MURATPAŞA. Please send your questions, opinions and requests regarding this policy forward it to his address.